• 50 LANGUAGES contains 100 lessons that provide beginners
    with a basic vocabulary. With no prior knowledge, you will
    learn to fluently speak short sentences in real-world situations.
  • Learn a new language offline using your Android
    or iOS smartphone or tablet
    - it's free!
  • Test your knowledge using our online tests.
    Or get our apps with lots of new tests and
    language games.
  • You can learn 2000 words categorized into
    42 important topics (e.g. food, office, shopping).
  • All our MP3 audio files can be
    downloaded for free, shared
    (CC license) and used on any device.
  • Buy 50 LANGUAGES books in various language
    combinations at Amazon and other leading bookstores.

50 LANGUAGES offers everything you need to learn a new language. Online courses, apps, tests, games, vocabulary cards and much more. And it's free!


per year




to learn a language


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Available in 50 LANGUAGES:

Free online course

Learn a new language fast in 100 lessons. All audios are spoken by native speakers.


If you prefer to learn a language using printed materials, you can buy our books at Amazon or other bookstores.

Language posters

Perfect for activities in language classes. Get 6 posters with 288 words in English and German!


Learn to read and speak foreign alphabets. Test your knowledge of foreign letters.

Android App

The app includes all lessons of the 50 LANGUAGES curriculum. And it's for free! Many tests and games are also included.

iOS APP - iPhone, iPad

The "50 LANGUAGES" iOS apps are ideal for all those who want to learn anytime and offline.

Language crossword puzzles

Free language puzzles in 5 languages and 20 language combinations by Goethe Verlag.

Free MP3 Audio files

All our MP3 audio files can be downloaded for free, shared (see CC license) and used on any device.

Language tests

Free online language tests in 25 languages and 600 combinations. Test your language knowledge!

Vocabulary cards

Learn more than 2000 words categorized into 42 important topics using our vocabulary cards online.

Our 50 LANGUAGES apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

Features of the 50 LANGUAGES apps ...all free!

The apps are free to download. 30 lessons are always free. All 100 lessons for free after registering!

More than 50 languages to learn

... English, German, Spanish, Chinese, ...

MP3 files included

... learn to speak like a native speaker...

100 real life topics

...vocabulary that you can use immediately.

18 phrases per topic

...categorized for easier learning.

Everything you need to learn a new language

Not convinced yet? Try it. All 100 lessons free after registration.